A Trusted Homecare Partner

  The founder of Alzheimer’s - Dementia CompassionCare is a retired physician, Dr. G. Jeffrey Elian, who is intimately familiar with the needs of the Alzheimer’s Dementia patient, having over 10+ years of direct experience, including an afflicted family member and the provision of direct client care. It is these experiences that led to our innovative holistic in-home care giving program.
    It is our elder population that laid the foundation and constructed the framework for our future. We believe that 
"Those who forget will not forgotten."
  We understand the heavy emotional toll  on you, as the primary caregiver, when a loved one insidiously develops the
increased memory loss and decreased cognitive functioning of Alzheimer's/Dementia, which often requires the constant care and supervision of performing even the simplest task.  
Alzheimer's Dementia Specialized                                            In-Home Care
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  Each person experiences dementia in their own unique way. We believe in helping patients to continue  to make the best use of their particular skills and abilities as their condition warrants  by combining  encouragement, reassurance, custom designed programs and common-sense measures with proactive and effective alternative modalities.
We believe 
   that every person diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or a       related disorder deserves

An Alzheimer's Bill of Rights

  • To be informed of one’s diagnosis.
  • To have appropriate, ongoing medical care.
  • To be productive in work and play as long as possible.
  • To be treated like an adult, not a child.
  • To have expressed feelings taken seriously. 
  • To be free from psychotropic medications if at all possible.
  • To live in a safe, structured, and predictable environment. 
  • To enjoy meaningful activities to fill each day. 
  • To be out-of-doors on a regular basis. 
  • To have physical contact including hugging, caressing, and hand-holding.
  •  To be with persons who know one’s life story, including cultural and religious traditions. 

Virginia Bell & David Troxel, The Best Friends Approach to Alzheimer’s Care, Health Professions Press, 1997. 
         "Those who forget will not be forgotten"
         Alzheimer's Dementia Compassion Care