Studies have shown that it is now possible to mitigate the effects of Alzheimers and dementia by lifetstyle choices, activities and diet.  

    Towards this end we developed our Tailored Activity Programs  which are (w)holistically designed for clients with recent or long term memory loss and/or cognitive decline and in the comfort of their homes 

    Our innovative In-home care services custom designs  proactive and interactive activities for each client based on their individual needs and interests as determined by our free in-home evaluation. Input from other family members is very important to us.

  Our unique services empower our experienced and certified  Alzheimer's caregivers to engage in proactive and  interactive programs to stimulate both Body and Mind.  We care for all types of dementia and other neurological conditions.

 Activities We Provide Include:

  • Initial, complete In-home evaluation for cognition, orientation, auditory comprehension, memory and lifestyle

  •  Daily physical fitness and balance  (aqua exercise on request)

  • Music and humor therapy 

  • Assisted dog visits

  • Selected group activities and socialization 

   The activities we deliver are based on numerous clinical studies that indicate the usefulness in delaying or perhaps preventing the onset of AD (available on request)     

 Mama & Papa Minding*
     for family care givers. 
         *Need a break from your daily routine?  
          We can fill in for you on a part time basis  (4 hour minimum)   
  • Household support        
  • Transportation to doctors visits, grocery and religious services
  • Medication reminders
  • Live-in 24/7 services
  • Patient Advocacy
  • Respect of all races, religions and cultures
  • Transportation with companion available for short, intermediate and long distance travel

 Our Companion Caregivers 


  • Experienced and Independently Certified to work with Alzheimer's and dementia clients

  • Supplied with an Activities Kit

  • Familiar with Principles of Validation Therapy

  • Produce daily reports

  • Screened for honesty, conscientiousness and integrity

  • Checked for criminal backgrounds, driving records   and references

  • In compliance with company drug-free and smoke-free policies

  • Bonded & insured
Our exclusive Holositic Programs incorporate
Tailored Activity Programs delivered by our experienced Caregivers

You can rest assured we provide the highest 
  standards of in-home companion care 

  • Interviewed in person
  • Regularly updated with the latest caregiving information regarding Alzheimer's and dementia
  • Cognitive support encompassing brain teasers, word games, puzzles and art and crafts.
Alzheimer's Dementia Specialized                                           In-Home Care
      "Those who forget should not be forgotten"
Alzheimer's Dementia Compassion Care 
 Presenting a New Paradigm for In-Home Care of Alzheimer’s and dementia
in Palm Beach & Broward County, Florida
Are carefully chosen for their compassion, understanding, character and knowledge. They go through an intensive screening process which includes being:
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