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Selected Testimonials

“My family was concerned about my being able to take care of myself and my household. I have to admit they were right. I was so worried about having strangers in my house, but now I feel very comfortable. Your caregivers  are  friendly, knowledgeable and very helpful. One or two of them are even starting to feel like family. Thank you, thank, thank you.”
R.Schnitzer - 85 year old
Tamarac, Fl  May 2010

After my husband died I was so helpless and I started to forget a lot of things. My children are all up north and I was totally alone. My friends and neighbors have their own problems and I did not want to bother them.

Thank goodness my wonderful daughter-in-law found out about your services and I decided to try them. Now I am so glad I did. You have been so helpful in so many ways. All I can say is I am a very lucky person
A.Goldstein - 82 year old
Boynton Beach, Fl  October 2010

It's hard to say good-bye to the person you love the most. We say these words till death do us part but how we wish death would never part us.

At the end of the day it’s the memory of time we shared that refresh our hearts and keep us going. The past days have been really hard for Mrs.  Hoffman, and as she shares what’s on her mind I can only be strong to strengthen her.  I wrote this poem and read it to her.

Don’t stop the memory of the time you both shared, memory is all you have now.

Remember the good times always, his smile, his touch and most of all his devoted love.

Never stop smiling even though it’s seems hard to do each day will be better and bright too.

Shirley, live each day, cherish  the memories and smile always, Bill’s life was not in vain.

He has finished the task he was born to do.

Like a rose in the garden I can see his smile with that twinkle in his eyes saying to you Shirley, my love my life, "I’m sorry I had to go but remember I love forever and always to the end of time".

Cordia Fulton April 2011

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"Those who forget should not be forgotten"
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